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Meet the (soon to be) Johnsons: Michelle Williams says she’ll give up her last name when she weds


Courtesy of OWNMichelle Williams is more than ready to tie the knot with her dreamy fiancé Chad Johnson.  And the couple, who have opened up their lives and homes in their current OWN reality series, Chad Loves Michelle, are also talking candidly about what married life will look like once they’re hitched.

Williams tells ABC Radio that she’s totally on board to keep it traditional, and the couple explains that to them, “traditional” means sharing the same last name.

“He loves the ‘Michelle Johnson’ kind of tone,” Williams laughs. “And I won’t be confused with the otherMichelle Williams, who is awesome in her own right.”

The “other” Michelle Williams is the Oscar-nominated actress who’s starred in such films Brokeback Mountain, Manchester By the Sea and The Greatest Showman.

“Although I am the oldest [Michelle], so I should be able to keep my name,” the Destiny’s Child singer adds. “But ‘Michelle Johnson,’ I love that name. So we will be the Johnsons.” 

Chad Loves Michelle airs Saturday nights 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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