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Music notes: Rihanna teases retirement, why Lil Wayne doesn’t perform Mona Lisa and more


After announcing the upcoming Fenty Hair brand, Rihanna took to the streets with A$AP Rocky wearing a blue graphic tee with the words, “I’m retired,” followed by, “This is as dressed up as I get.” Fans have since taken to social media, some believing it may be a sign of the future and others thinking it may be the name of her next album.

The singer is also featured in Perfect magazine, now available for preorder. On the black-and-white cover, she wears long lashes and tight, pinned up curls, with a blunt in her mouth. The orders will ship on June 13.

Lil Wayne has many songs on his discography, but he hasn’t been performing “Mona Lisa.” The reason why: he doesn’t remember the lyrics. Responding to a sign requesting the song at a recent concert, he said, “Listen, this the second time I seen this within my last few shows. Somebody had a sign that said ‘Mona Lisa.’ I’m not sure if that means you want me to perform it. If you’re real Lil Wayne fans, then you know I don’t know the lyrics to my s***.”

“You know how f*****’ hard that s*** is, y’all. I don’t like to rap the words, so… but I’ma learn that s***,” he continued. “I’ma learn it. I got you.”

Chris Brown is back on tour and, like last time, he’s going viral for his meet-and-greet photos, which cost $1,111. Among those that surfaced online are ones of Chris kissing fans on the cheek and grabbing their behinds. The meet-and-greet packages are now sold out.

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