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Nate Parker Talks Inspiring Youth with Birth of a Nation: The Inspired By Album


Photo Courtesy of Atlantic RecordsNate Parker wants the soundtrack for his newly released film, The Birth of a Nation, to further educate and inspire young listeners, as the actor-director reveals in a promotional video

“I wanted to make sure that young people had a way in. That not only did we have a film that they could see, that could teach them about an American hero, but they had some type of connection to people they looked up to, with respect to artists, that could also tell them that it was important,” explains Parker. 

“Really it was about asking myself how can I get the younger generation involved in this movement to really deal with systemic crisis in this country, with respect to racism. 

The Birth of a Nation: The Inspired By Album, now available to purchase and download, features sixteen tracks from a variety of musical artists, including NasGucci ManeWaleSir the BaptistAnthony Hamilton and K. Michelle.  

The Birth of a Nation, about the true-life story of African-American enslaved preacher, Nat Turner, and his 1831 slave revolt, is in theaters now. 

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