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Ne-Yo reveals his dream collaboration: “I’m really impressed by the cleverness of a Drake”


ABC/Richard HarbaughNe-Yo has composed songs for a who’s who of music, including BeyonceJAY Z,Rihanna and Janet Jackson, and now his dream wish list includes a superstar from Toronto.

“I’m really impressed by the cleverness of a Drake,” the three-time Grammy winner tells Billboard. “I love what it is that he does. He doesn’t say typical s**t, at least not in every song.”

“He figured out how to make it just intelligent enough and yet just simple enough to where everybody understands,” Ne-Yo adds. “That takes a skill-set. That’s not easy to do. So I would love to do something with him.”

Ne-Yo is getting ready to celebrate Christmas with wife Crystal and their four children. The singer/actor has always projected himself as a gentleman, and he says that’s how he wants his sons to act as they grow up, especially his oldest boy, seven-year-old Mason.

“I need my son to know above anything else that respect for women is not optional.,” the 39-year-old singer says. “You give the respect and then you allow that woman to decide whether or not she keeps it or gives it back, that’s the way it’s supposed to go.”

“You have to be attentive to know what it is this woman deserves and be able to give it to her,” Ne-Yo adds. “These are the things that I try to nail home for my male children. I have three boys over here. Three boys and a girl. So I’m making sure everybody knows what respect is. You give it, and then you allow the person you’re giving it to decide whether they want to keep it. “

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