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Obama Warns of GOP ‘Undermining’ of USPS Ahead of November Election


In the age of Internet which ushered in an era digital mail and instant messages, greetings and the like, the U.S. Postal Service has taken a big financial hit over the years, but with the help of Congress has managed to stay afloat as it still does manage to offer a vital service to Americans.

But, in 2016, in comes POTUS #45 who has taken aim at the decades-old public service agency, “calling it a joke, demanding it increase prices and claiming that mail-in voting would be compromised.  While mail-in voting has generally seen few problems or fraud, President Trump’s contention that the mail-in voting would be “compromised” could become a reality, but not for the reasons that he claims.

This year, a Trump’s crony and mega Republican donor Louis DeJoy, a business man with zero postal service experience was named USPS postmaster general in May.
Since taking over, he has put policies in place that has resulted in days-long backlogs of mail.
Postal workers warn could undermine their ability to deliver ballots on time for the November election, according to the Washington Post
Former President Barack Obama eluded to an “undermining” to the postal service ahead of the November election during his eulogy at the funeral of the late civil rights icon John Lewis. It was fitting that the issue be discussed at the funeral for a man who nearly gave his life for voting rights in the 60s.


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