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Octavia Spencer: ‘There’s never a reason for a child to be separated from a parent’


KRNB –  Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer plays a caseworker in her latest movie, ‘Instant Family,’ about a real life couple who adopted a young girl and her siblings.  BET talked to Spencer about the movie and her thoughts about adoption and foster care in America.

“I try to think of where I was as a teenager, and I lost my mom very young but I still had a very strong family unit around me with my siblings, and so while I didn’t have my parents, I still had a family unit. To know that some young people in the system age out because people don’t open their homes really to teenagers, it broke my heart.”

‘Instant Family’ stars Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne:

Spencer was also asked about the current U.S. immigration policy which has seen young illegal migrant children being separated from their parents; some being sent to foster families in the U.S.

“I don’t think there’s ever a reason, there’s never a good reason for a child to be separated from their parent, especially a small child, so definitely unacceptable. Never a reason, especially because a child has no idea what that separation is about, and it’s traumatic. And then the reunification process is too long and they think that their parents have abandoned them – it’s just too much, and we should know better.”

Spencer is also an author who has manifested her love of children toward in book form– children’s books penned by her, as part of her Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective series.

(Source: BET)

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