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‘Power Book II: Ghost”s Caroline Chikezie says her character will bring more balance to the series



Power Book II: Ghost will return to Starz Friday for season 3. Unlike the previous two seasons, the third was led by showrunner Brett Mahoney, who took over the position for his friend Courtney A. Kemp.

Mahoney’s office at Brooklyn’s Steiner Studios was next to Kemp’s for years before he was offered the position. When the Power universe blew up, she asked him to get on board, giving him the chance to work with her for season 2. “I didn’t know that she was going to move, but it actually ended up being a good transition,” he tells ABC Audio. By the time he was asked to take over the show, he’d already had conversations with Kemp about her plans for future seasons. 

As the new showrunner, Mahoney admits he feels “pressure from the audience because people love the show so much,” but says the series will see the same themes from Power “in terms of family, ambition, power.”

“I see it as a coming-of-age story for Tariq,” he says. “He’s got choices to make, and we’re going to see that character evolve over time.”

Season 3 of Ghost will return with familiar characters. But new to the season is Caroline Chikezie, who’ll portray Noma, a powerful woman with a global empire she’ll do anything to protect.

Caroline says Noma will bring a little more balance to the series.

“Monet, portrayed by the fabulous Mary J. Blige, yeah she’s holding it down for us females,” she says. “But it’s nice now to have another bada** … on Ghost, so I feel that she’s bringing a bit more balance … The men need to be scared. OK. They need to start being scared of these women queenpins because we’re out there, and we’re coming for their spot.”

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