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Prince’s former wife Mayte Garcia denies he was controlling in their marriage


Hachette BooksWith the first anniversary of Prince’s death approaching on April 21, the music icon’s first wife Mayte Garcia is opening up about her marriage to the singer in her new memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince.  

Garcia, who remembers her time with the late legend as extremely special, says she never found her then-husband to be the “controlling” man many believed him to be.

“I’m hearing the word controlling, but I don’t think it was controlling,” Garcia tells ABC Radio. “I loved it. I loved every single bit of things that he would ask me to do and look [like]. It wasn’t a negative, it was positive.”

Mayte says Prince’s suggestions about her style of dress and her appearance were not a major issue in their relationship. According to singer-actress, it was sort of like a “fun” game.

“It wasn’t a pressure, it was fun,” Garica explains. “I remember he would always give me little hints…like with the whole thing of cutting my bangs. I would have never done that. And I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be horrible.’ And I remember him saying, ‘Just trust me.’ And I did. And for me that was a big, big moment when I finally went ‘Okay — I’m gonna not resist this guy.'”

Looking back now on their relationship, Garcia strongly believes that Prince only had the best intentions for her.

“I know it’s coming from love and I know he’s just thinking of a cool way to make my look,” she says. “I mean, he was so giving with that.” 

Mayte Garcia’s The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince is available for purchase now. 

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