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Raheem DeVaughn Says Love, Sex, Passion Provides the Perfect Soundtrack for Romance



Raheem DeVaughn aims to please on his upcoming album, Love, Sex, Passion, a project slated to arrive just days after the most romantic day of the year. The self-proclaimed Love King tells ABC News Radio that he intends to keep the mood going long after Valentine’s Day.

“If you want to crack a bottle of wine open, or whatever your vice is, and get that intimate time in and have the perfect soundtrack for great conversation, great passionate moments, great love-making, you know, procreating, breaking up to making up, like everything that comes with love, sex and passion, then this is for you,” he says of the set, which includes his hit single “Queen,” an anthem inspired by and written for Aretha Franklin.

The singer tells ABC News Radio that the project is equally divided between three themes. “I feel like these songs represent love, sex, passion and then break it down. The album is kind of like in segments. You have the love segment, you have the passion segment and then you have…the sex,” he explains.”It’s a lot of different levels to love, sex, passion, so I just wanted to take people further down lovers lane and open it.”

He adds that he felt pressure to deliver, following the success of his independent release, 2013’s  A Place Called Love Land.

“I’m always…nervous and challenging myself, like, ‘Yo, are they gonna say I didn’t deliver?'” Raheem says. “My biggest nightmare is falling off. It’s not even being broke, it’s like falling off.”

Whatever critics say, the singer just hopes that fans enjoy the album, which he strongly advises that you listen to in its entirety. 

“Let me just say this is an album that you have to listen to from beginning to end. You have to listen to the words. Let the melodies induce you and seduce you, and listen to the words,” he suggests. “Like, if you are the person that only clicks to a single or if you have ADHD, this might not be the album for you.  You might need to pass on me, period, and I’m cool with that.”

Led by the single “Temperature’s Rising,” Love, Sex Passion arrives February 17.

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