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Shameik Moore on the struggles Raekwon faces in season 3 of ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga’


Courtesy of Hulu

In season 3 of the Hulu series Wu Tang: An American Saga, each member of the legendary rap group is seen working on their solo projects; episode six, out Wednesday, specifically captures Raekwon’s journey.

Speaking to ABC Audio, Shameik Moore, who takes on the character, talks about the struggles Raekwon faced while putting his album together.

“I think he’s looking for his identity within … rap, within hip-hop,” he explains. “Of course, there’s Wu-Tang already, we’re already on the fame sh** … I think Rae then starts thinking about, ‘… what is my album gonna sound like, what am I talking about? What’s gonna make me different? What’s gonna set me apart?'” He also struggles with the newfound fame and the idea of “actually being able to … bring you food to the table.”

“When you got nine dudes, everybody’s expecting, you know, Ashton [Sanders] aka the RZA to pull together … deals and opportunities for each person,” he continues. By the time RZA gets to Raekwon’s album, Rae feels pressured to follow Method Man and Ol’ Dirty Bastard‘s solo projects.

“It was like, ‘Damn, it’s my turn. Like, they killed it. I gotta come through some with sh**,'” Shameik says. “‘I have pressure on my back, and I can’t let the RZA down. I can’t let such and such down. Can’t let myself down.'” (AUDIO 1-ON-1)

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