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Stephanie Mills rips into Sam Smith after he says he’s not a fan of Michael Jackson


Paras Griffin/Getty ImagesBritish soul singer Sam Smith learned an important lesson over the weekend: Don’t come for the King of Pop.

During a recent boat ride with American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, Smith was captured on camera saying, “I don’t like Michael Jackson, but this is a good song.”

It’s not clear if Smith was being serious or not, but when the video went viral, fans of MJ were not pleased, and expressed their anger at Smith, who they believe was heavily influenced by Michael. One of those disgruntled fans was R&B legend Stephanie Mills, who was quick to hit back at Smith with a scathing message.

“Don’t come for MICHAEL JACKSON when you wish you have sold as many records and you wish you were the King of Pop like he was,” Mills wrote on Instagram, captioning an image of story where Smith dismisses MJ.

“I’m so tired of you people studying our music, and studying our artist and claiming that you don’t like our music,”” Mills continued. “Go sit your 1 HIT WONDER a** down and learn how to finish a tour. When you can sell as many records as the king of Pop, Michael Jackson then maybe you can say something.”

Before concluding her verbal assault, Mills — who reportedly dated Jackson back in the ’70s — gave Smith a little bit of advice and a caution.

“So I say to you Mr. Smith have several seats,” she retorted, “and come for me if you want to.”

Smith has yet to reply.

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