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You Can Now Buy Barbie With Baby Hairs

No one has received more makeovers than the Queen of all dolls, Barbie. In Barbie’s latest look she is rockin gold earrings and her baby hairs are laid-permanently. There are a variety of looks in the new BMR 1959 collection. The collection is about personal style and self expression. The dolls are available for preorder… Read more »

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Mattel Releases 40th Anniversary Black Barbie Doll

Mattel is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original Black Barbie. Fun fact, the black doll wasn’t actually called Barbie until the 1980s even though the company began creating the dolls in 1960. The 40th anniversary Barbie is wearing a red dress and rocking a ponytail, and gold hoop earrings while carrying a gold clutch…. Read more »