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Snoop Dogg’s Life Story Headed to the Big Screen

Guess what…Snoop Dogg’s life story is officially headed to the big screen. Snoop and Universal Pictures announced the upcoming production of a biopic yesterday.  “Black Panther” co-writer Joe Robert Cole will write the film and Allen Hughes, who directed the 1993 film “Menace II Society,” will direct the movie.   Snoop is very excited and said he… Read more »


SWV’S New Biopic Has Been Picked Up By Lifetime

SWV has been shopping their life story to be turned into a movie, and it looks like that dream is about to come true.  According the, SWV has signed a deal with Lifetime to bring their story to the small screen… Read more here

Afeni Shakur

Jasmine Guy To Produce a Biopic About Afeni Shakur

Jasmine Guy is bringing Afeni Shakur’s life to a movie screen near you.  She will have the help of director and producer Jamal Joseph.  The movie will cover Afeni’s time with the Black Panther Party.  It will highlight April 2, 1969 where Afeni and 20 other Black Panthers known as Panther 21 were arrested and… Read more »