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Serena Williams

Serena Williams Named a Fashion Icon

Serena Williams will be recognized as a fashion icon during this year’s FIT Gala.   During the event, the tennis legend will be recognized for not only her style but also for her fashion investments, diversity, and her clothing line.   The FIT Gala held by the Fashion Institute of Technology happens every year.   The goal of… Read more »

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union Talks Putting Hairstylists in Her Contract

In a recent interview, Gabrielle Union opened up about making sure she has her own personal people around her when she signs on to do new projects.   She said, “We create rituals in the hair and makeup trailer. Before work, we treat my hair. After work, we treat my hair. We do different steams every… Read more »

Wyoming Strip Club Opens With ‘Masks On, Clothes Off’ Party

Wyoming has seen some of the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases in the US, so state officials began allowing businesses to open again. Strip club The Den wasted no time getting the girls back on stage, but still keeping their health in mind. To celebrate, the venue threw a “Masks On, Clothes Off” party on Friday… Read more »