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Reggie Hayes

Girlfriends Star Reggie Hayes Diagnosed With Congestive Heart Failure

While Girlfriends is enjoying a renewed interest, Reggie Hayes who plays ‘William’ on the show, is dealing with serious health issues.  Last week Hayes, 51, was hospitalized in Los Angeles with congestive heart failure and due to breathing difficulty because of the wildfires in California.  Hayes told the Chicago Tribune, I was in the hospital overnight, they were… Read more »

Mel B

Mel B Diagnosed With Dyslexia

Mel B Diagnosed with Dyslexia.  Mel B was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, and she said before she found out what it was, she thought her brain was wired differently.  That had to be scary, not being able to read and not knowing what it was.  She says it was very hard trying to memorize lyrics… Read more »