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Donald Trump & Joe Biden

Presidential Debate Schedule Released

Organizers and campaign leaders have finished hammering out a debate schedule for the 2020 presidential election.  The first Donald Trump-Joe Biden face-off is set for September 29th in Cleveland, according to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The two will meet again October 15th in Miami, and one last time October 22nd in Nashville. Each of… Read more »

Trey Songz Blasts Kanye West For Being ‘In The Way Of Progress’

Trey Songz spoke up after a video surfaced from Kanye West’s presidential rally in South Carolina over the weekend. During the speech, Kanye spoke on Harriett Tubman saying “she didn’t free the slaves, she just put them to work for other white people.” The video was posted by Trey with this accompanying message: “They been… Read more »

COVID-19 Could Delay Presidential Election Results

Toilet paper isn’t the only thing that is being affected by a coronavirus, presidential election results could be hit as well. Americans are accustomed to getting election results the same night we vote, but because of the growing amount of mail-in ballots results could take longer than usual. In fact, some believe that the presidential election… Read more »