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Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Didn’t Get His Absentee Ballot, so He Flew Home To Vote

Tyler Perry hopped on Twitter to share the difficulty he was having with voting in the Georgia runoff election.  He said he requested his absentee ballot on December 2nd.    Stacey Abrams responded to Tyler telling him to vote in person.  Tyler wrote back, hey @staceyabrams I flew home because I didn’t get it. I will be… Read more »

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish Says Don’t Trust Women Who Don’t Have Female Friends

Tiffany Haddish can always keep it real.  She has a unique perspective on many subjects, that’s why it’s not surprising when she says “don’t trust women who don’t have female friends.  She say’s it’s important to show that you can be a friend by having some…Good point…She also says you can do business with friends…Now… Read more »