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The Grio ‘Nappily’ Review: ‘Wild Sex is Not an Option’

In a review of ‘Nappily Ever After’ dubbed ‘5 times ‘Nappily Ever After’ proved a Black woman’s struggle is real AF,’  writer Courtey Wills talks about the natural and/or otherwise hair woes of black women. She says the movie nails it when it comes to swimming pools, rain, a bad day at the hair dresser… Read more »


See Saana Lathan’s Trailer Nappily Ever After

See Saana Lathan’s Trailer Nappily ever after.  I love Saana Lathan.  Her new movie Nappily Ever After is going to be the next girlfriend must see movie.  This is the one where she cuts out her weave and all of her natural hair.  This looks like a good movie.  Check out the trailer below.