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Natural Hair

Black Women’s Natural Hair May Hinder Job Prospects

A new study finds what many Black women have heard for years: natural hair could cost them a job.    The Duke University study finds that discrimination against natural Black hairstyles is prevalent among those making hiring decisions.   The study compared 4 different job candidates: a Black woman with natural hair, a Black woman with straight… Read more »

Black-ish Celebrates Black Hair In New Episode!

Black-ish is tackling the sometimes taboo subject of black hair in this week’s episode!  In the episode entitled “Hair Day”, Diane struggles with her own hair journey and deals with the “beauty shop” experience Black-ish airs Tuesday night at 8:30 on ABC.  

Controversy Over Black Girl’s Hair in Ad Campaign

Okay so, with all of the controversy surrounding natural hair in the workplace and schools and in general, it didn’t long for the Internet to speak out over a photo of at least one school child pictured in H&M’s new kids campaign. A long IG post by IG user vernonfrancois, writes in part: “My heart… Read more »

The Grio ‘Nappily’ Review: ‘Wild Sex is Not an Option’

In a review of ‘Nappily Ever After’ dubbed ‘5 times ‘Nappily Ever After’ proved a Black woman’s struggle is real AF,’  writer Courtey Wills talks about the natural and/or otherwise hair woes of black women. She says the movie nails it when it comes to swimming pools, rain, a bad day at the hair dresser… Read more »