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R Kelly

R. Kelly Denies He Had A Baby With Joycelyn Savage

Radio host Natasha Simona says R. Kelly wants his “voice to be heard” ahead of the upcoming documentary Surviving R. Kelly: The Final Chapter. From federal prison, the disgraced singer denied the rumors of a new baby after an Instagram account claiming to be Joycelyn Savage said that she had given birth to a daughter… Read more »

R Kelly

Surviving R Kelly the Final Chapter to Air on Lifetime

Surviving R Kelly is coming to an end, at least on television.  Lifetime has released the final trailer for the final chapter, a two-part special with footage of his interview with Gayle King, his multiple trials and intimidation techniques used to get ladies to be quiet.

R Kelly

R Kelly Drops New Album

What??  According to TMZ R Kelly has dropped a new album from jail!!   The album is called “I admit it” and you can get it on apple music and spotify. Read below to see the names of songs and more… Read more here

R Kelly

R Kelly Engaged to Joycelyn Savage

Whoa…If you ever wondered what happened to Joycelyn Savage the young lady who became famous being one of R Kelly’s girlfriends, reports are surfacing that she and R Kelly are engaged.  According to thejaminebrand, during R Kelly’s sentencing she wrote a letter to the judge and in it she referred to herself as his fiance…. Read more »

R. Kelly Files Lawsuit Against Jail

Recently, R. Kelly filed a lawsuit to sue the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center for harsh treatment and putting him on suicide watch when he says he is not ‘suicidal’. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said, “The suicide watch is for his own safety.” The office continued, “He is a convicted sex offender who has been sentenced to spend… Read more »