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Dave Hollister

Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister and Donell Jones Form R&B Group

Look at this…Three of our favorite R&B Singers of the 1990’s are forming a group.  Dave Hollister, Carl Thomas and Donell Jones are forming a singing group.  Yep, Donell Jones announced on social media with a picture of their new group saying that they are indeed getting together to write music, and more.  Dave Hollister… Read more »

Cedrick Cotton

Former Member of R&B Group ‘Ideal’ Stabbed to Death

A former member of the 90’s R&B group, Ideal, was stabbed to death in Southwest Houston. Cedrick Cotton, known by his stage name, “Swab” was stabbed at a convenience store he would frequent daily. Cotton’s mother, Delores Floyd, said he would go to the store every day for cigarettes and called him, “a good guy who wouldn’t bother… Read more »