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Cynthia Bailey and Hill

Are Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill Headed to Splitsville?

Fans are raising eyebrows at former Real Housewife of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey and her husband, Mike Hill. Fans noticed Cynthia removed ‘Hill’ from her Instagram bio. They also noticed the couple’s anniversary just passed, and neither one posted anything about it. They were married on October 10, 2021 A video surfaced showing Mike Hill… Read more »

Dave Chappelle

Netflix Removes Chappelle’s Show After Dave’s Request

There is a saying, there is a little bit of truth in jokes.  Comedian Dave Chappelle has been talking about his infamous series, The Dave Chappelle Show going to Netflix in various settings.  He included it in his monologue on Saturday Night Live.  What many may not have known is Dave wasn’t joking, he was not happy about his… Read more »