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Kandi Burress

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Shuts Down After Failed Health Inspection

Uh oh…another Kandi Burruss Restaurants has shut down after a second failed inspection,  The Old Lady Gang Southern Cuisine Restaurant located on Peters Street in Atlanta received a low score after inspectors found several violations at the restaurant.  This is the second inspection that didn’t get a high score, inspectors usually give you a chance… Read more »

Kandi Burress

Kandi Burruss Restaurant Blaze, Forced to Shut Down

Kandi Burruss restaurant Blaze (which was named after her adorable son)  has been forced to shut down after failing to pass a second health inspection.  What?? Yep according to Sandra Rose Blaze closed it’s doors for good on May 20th.  The issues cited in the May 19 report included a cook handling raw seafood without… Read more »

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey Reportedly Suing Ex Peter Thomas

Since their 2017 divorce, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey have managed to maintain a cordial relationship. So cordial in fact that she felt comfortable loaning him thousands of dollars.  But remember when Peter opened his restaurant “Bar One” in Atlanta?  They never said it on the show, but most of us thought, Cynthia came up… Read more »

One North Texas City Has Reopened Restaurants Amid COVID19 Restrictions

Just 30 minutes from Dallas and Fort Worth, the upscale community of Colleyville reopened its restaurants to patio-only seating Friday. Colleyville becomes the Texas city to reopen with eased restrictions for the first time over over a month. Restaurants saw long lines, and customers told NBCDFW, “I think everyone believes the time is now.” Governor… Read more »

Kandi Burress

Shooting Takes Place at Kandi Burress Restaurant

Uh oh…It’s being reported by thejasminebrand that a shooting took place at Kandi Burress Restaurant “Old Lady Gang” Camp Creek.  Word is that 3 people were shot when a gunman entered the restaurant to shoot one person and also shot 2 bystanders as well.  No one was killed and those that were shot reportedly will… Read more »