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Serena Williams

Serena Williams Rookie Card Sells for $44,280

An autographed Serena Williams rookie card has sold for a record-setting $44,280 at an auction in New Jersey last weekend, according to ESPN.  The previous record for a female athlete was a Mai Hamm rookie card which sold for $34,440.  The executive chairman of Goldin Auctions said there are a lot of people putting together… Read more »

Serena and Richard Williams

Serena Williams: “I’m So Excited For King Richard New Trailer!”

Serena Williams says she’s “so excited for [the new] King Richard new trailer.”  The movie is about Serena and Venus Williams’ tennis career and how their father, Richard Williams helped to put them in position to dominate the tennis world. Serena called the movie, “a cool experience” and no doubt will be watching it when it begins streaming… Read more »

Serena Williams Will Not Play In Tokyo Olympics

Serena Williams has joined several other top-rated tennis stars and has announced she will not be playing in the Tokyo Olympics. Serena has won 4 Olympic Gold metals in the Summer Games for the United States. Her record is impressive, dominating singles and doubles in London Olympics in 2012, and doubles with sister Venus in Sydney… Read more »

Serena Williams Already Teaching Olympia Tennis

Serena William’s daughter already has a step ahead of her future competition.  The tennis star posted videos on Instagram of her teaching little Olympia how to play tennis.  In the adorable videos, she teaches the three-year-old different techniques of the game, and she does an adorable job of trying to keep up with mom.  Serena and sister… Read more »

Serenas Williams

Serena Williams Inks Deal With Amazon Studios

Serena Williams is going big time! She has just signed a television production deal with Amazon Studios.  She will also have an untitled docuseries on the platform about her professional and personal life, Deadline reports.   In a statement, Serena said, “I’m very excited to be partnering with Amazon Studios – they are developing some of… Read more »