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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Hosting Intimate Comedy Shows

Dave Chappelle is easing back into the swing of stand-up comedy all while socially distancing. He has been hosting intimate comedy shows in his hometown of Ohio (he is originally from Washington, DC but has resided post-DC in Ohio with his wife and kids). The comedy show, Dave Chappelle & Friends: A Talk with Punchlines… Read more »

US Coronavirus Death Toll Surges Past 100K

The U.S. reached a grim milestone Wednesday, with the Coronavirus death toll surging past 100,000 with 1.7 million cases reported. Johns Hopkins University said that the total number of deaths, 100,047, represents 28% of all global deaths from Coronavirus. A majority of Coronavirus deaths have come from the east coast where states like New York… Read more »

Study: Coronavirus Patients No Longer Infectious After 11 Days

A new study suggests that coronavirus patients are no longer infectious 11 days after getting sick. If true, it could mean patients who test positive for COVID-19 can be released from hospitals earlier.  Current protocols require 14 days of isolation. Researchers in Singapore say the infectious period begins about two days before symptoms appear and… Read more »

Overcrowded pool party in Houston during coronavirus pandemic

A large number of people who didn’t appear to be social distancing or wearing masks were seen in videos at Clé Houston, a club in Midtown. Memorial Day weekend represents the first time since mid-March that bars and clubs in Texas were allowed to reopen after mandatory COVID-19 shutdowns. With many people experiencing cabin fever, and ready… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Coronavirus

Thousands of Americans hit beaches, boardwalks, lakes and pool parties over the Memorial Day break, forgoing social distancing rules to celebrate the first long weekend since the pandemic hit the United States.Gatherings to remember US soldiers that died in service rivaled memorials for those lost to the coronavirus. Nearly 100,000 people have died, more than the… Read more »

Priest Sprays Congregation With Holy Water From Squirt Gun

With socially distant church services the norm in many places around the world, how does one receive an anointment from afar? Father Tim Pelc had the answer; filling up a squirt gun with holy water and blasting away at his congregation. For Easter week services last month, the Detroit area priest went out into St. Ambrose Parish’s parking lot and fired… Read more »