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Wyoming Strip Club Opens With ‘Masks On, Clothes Off’ Party

Wyoming has seen some of the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases in the US, so state officials began allowing businesses to open again. Strip club The Den wasted no time getting the girls back on stage, but still keeping their health in mind. To celebrate, the venue threw a “Masks On, Clothes Off” party on Friday… Read more »

Moms Tear Down Caution Tape to Let Kids Play on Quarantined Playground

A playground in Pasadena, Texas has been cordoned off again after two women removed the police tape that blocked it off to let their kids play. Police learned of the coronavirus restriction violation on Tuesday, when a concerned resident notified them that children were frolicking on the playground, which had been shut down due COVID-19… Read more »

Retail Sales Plunge 16.4% In April

The coronavirus pandemic sent retail sales plummeting in the month of April, down 16.4 percent from March. The drop was expected with many businesses shutting down last month.  Online shopping, meanwhile, was up 21.6 percent over last year. Multiple retail chains like J.Crew and Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy protection this month, and it could… Read more »

Supreme Court Overturns Wisconsin Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has overturned Governor Tony Evers’ stay-at-home order extension. In a 4-3 decision on Wednesday, the court ruled that Evers’ health secretary overstepped the boundaries of her authority when she extended coronavirus restrictions to May 26th. The decision means businesses can now reopen and residents are free to leave their homes. Condemning… Read more »

Twitter Will Allow All Employees to Work at Home Forever

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told employees in an email Tuesday that many of them will be allowed to work from home forever even after the pandemic ends. Buzzfeed News says it’s unlikely Twitter will reopen its offices before September.  All 2020 in-person events for the social media company have been canceled. Google’s already told many… Read more »