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TLC Postpones Tour Due To T-Boz Health Issues

Extreme cigarette and recreational smoke kept TLC’s T-Boz from performing for her “CrazySexyCool” concerts in Texas over the weekend. The singer, who also suffers from sickle cell anemia, suffered an allergic reaction and the tour had to postpone two shows. TLC’s Houston show, scheduled for Saturday, October 2nd, was moved to Monday, October 4th, and… Read more »


TLC Documentary in the Works

TLC has a new documentary in the works.  A 2 hour documentary special will air on A&E next year will chronicle their career in the nineties and beyond.  T-Boz and Chilli will appear in the docu.   You know this will be a good documentary highlighting them as women and their contributions to music as one… Read more »


T-Boz Says When Lisa Lopez Died The Whole Industry Turns on Us

TLC’s T-Boz did not hold back when she discussed how the industry turned their backs on her and Chilli.  She said after Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes died, the whole industry turned on us.  She had no problem name dropping who turned their back on them. She started with LA Reid.  All the big execs who we put on… Read more »