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Texas Among States To Test Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Pfizer announced last week that it’s COVID-19 vaccination has shown to be 90% effective in early trials. Four states selected to launch it’s pilot delivery program are: Texas, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Tennessee. This week the pharmaceutical company said no state will receive preferential treatment and each state participating would receive the vaccinations at the… Read more »

Hurricane Laura strikes Louisiana as Category 4 storm

Hurricane Laura slammed southern Louisiana early Thursday as a Category 4 storm, one of the most powerful to strike the Gulf Coast in decades. The storm made landfall at 1 a.m. near Cameron, La., about 35 miles east of the Texas border. Downtown Lake Charles, La. took a heavy hit, with widespread destruction from Laura’s devastating… Read more »


This month alone Texas covid-19 cases have dropped by the thousands, setting a new trend for those testing on the daily decreasing. Mobile testing spots are starting to have a decrease of long lines stretching for blocks. This trend is worrying health experts who fear that Texas will have a rough fall with covid-19 cases… Read more »