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Singer Jeremih is Recovering After Serious Case of COVID-19

He beat COVID-19! R&B singer #Jeremih is thanking God after a near fatal bout with coronavirus. He was on a ventilator and hospitalized for weeks in Chicago. prompting fellow entertainers like Diddy, Chance the Rapper and 50 Cents to take to social media asking for prayers for their friend. Fiddy at one point tweeting, “This… Read more »

Did Rihanna Send Her Dad a Ventilator or Not?

Even though reports came out that Rihanna’s dad thanked his daughter for sending him a ventilator to help him fight coronavirus, a new report says that RiRi didn’t send him anything. A source close to Rihanna says, “he doesn’t need a ventilator, and she didn’t send him one.” The same source also said that Rihanna… Read more »