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Wendy Williams Said She Would Join This Real Housewives Cast

On a recent episode of Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Wendy Williams said which housewives franchise she would join.  In the event they bring back Real Housewives of Miami that’s where she wants to go.  BUT she does not want to be a housewife, she wants to be a friend of a housewife.  She said being a housewife… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Reveals Late R&B Singer Raped Her

As Wendy Williams prepares for her movie and documentary to hit television on January 30th, the radio and television personality reveals who raped her early on in her radio career. Williams, who was interviewed by The Daily News on Wednesday (January 13th) revealed the R&B singer, Sherrick, was the one who raped her in 1988. Sherrick, who… Read more »