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Will Smith

Despite Slap, Will Smith 2nd Among Highest-Paid Actors

Despite delivering the slap heard around the world at the Oscars, Will Smith is still getting paid. According to Variety’s list of highest-paid actors, Smith holds the number 2 spot. The Rock came in at number 4. Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio tied for number three. Holding down the top spot is Top Gun: Maverick… Read more »

Will Smith

Netflix Has Backed Away from Will Smith Movie

Things are continuing to get worse for Will Smith following the slap.   Now Netflix has shelved the new movie he was starring in called “Fast and Loose.”  Reportedly director David Leitch pulled away from the project, and there are rumors that if Netflix does do the movie, they may replace Smith.   There is also another… Read more »

angela bassett

Angela Bassett Says Black Panther 2 Will Be Better Than the First One

Angela Bassett is sitting down with Ellen this afternoon (Monday).  She is reprising her role as Queen Mother in Black Panther.  She told Ellen the sequel is gonna be amazing-its gonna top one-can I say that?  In true Marvel fashion she said she could not reveal one single thing about the sequel.

Will Smith

Will Smith Talks Praise For ‘King Richard’

Will Smith is opening up about all the love “King Richard” has gotten.   He said in a recent interview, “I thought ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ was the best movie I ever made. The reaction that ‘King Richard’ is getting is what I thought ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ was going to get, but something happened with this film… Read more »