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Taraji P. Henson Says Smollett Will Return to ‘Empire’


If Taraji P. Henson’s predictions are correct, we may see her TV son ‘Jamal Lyon’ back for Season 6 of ‘Empire.’   As we know Jussie Smollett, who had the plum role of the Fox hit show, got entangled in a real life legal drama after reported to Chicago police that he had been the target of a racist, homophobic attack earlier this year.  In the process of the investigation, evidence was brought to light that Smollett allegedly orchestrated the attack himself; but he ultimately escaped prosecution when the Cook County DA’s office dismissed all charges laid out in a 16-count indictment.

During an appearance on ‘The View‘ Taraji, said that she talks to Jussie “all of the time,” and that “he’s doing well.”   She says the show is on hiatus now and writers are in the process of writing for upcoming episodes.  She was asked if Jussie will be back, she said, “Yes, I haven’t heard anything else.”

The show has to present what’s called “upfronts” by  May 5th. They are presentations where the major television networks preview their upcoming fall and midseason series for advertisers, the press, and the other networks.

I guess we’ll all be waiting with bated breath.

Meantime, Jussie is not completely out of the woods yet, as the Chicago Police Department has filed a lawsuit against him in demand of the $130,000 they paid for the investigation. And, the FBI is still trying to determine if a threatening  letter sent to the ‘Empire’ set was actually sent by the actor.

(Source: ABC’s  ‘The View’)


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