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Toni Braxton: Pregnancy and bankruptcy spoiled my two superstar duets


ABC RadioToni Braxton‘s first solo project in nearly ten years, Sex & Cigarettes, arrives everywhere Friday. 

But what fans may not know is that the “Un-Break My Heart” singer nearly teamed up with Janet Jackson for a track on the album.

She tells Michigan-based newspaper Pride Source, “There was talk of me and Janet doing a song together on this particular project, but she was pregnant. But my people had talked about it.” 

Another missed opportunity, Braxton says, was a collaboration with Mariah Carey.

Toni says, “You know, Mariah had reached out to me about doing a duet, but unfortunately, it was just before I knew the bankruptcy was gonna happen but no one in the world knew.” 

“So when she asked me about doing a song together, immediately I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t because what was about to unfold.”  

Braxton, who filed for bankruptcy in 1998 and 2010, adds, “We were neighbors for a second, so I probably should’ve reached out to her then, but it’s never too late.”

Another revelation that fans might also not know about Toni is that she got a nose job before completing her 1993 hit debut album, Toni Braxton

“Might be too much information, but yeah,” she admits. 

Toni continues, “I was singing with a fresh nose job, which is virtually impossible because it hurt so bad — you can’t really move it….I went in to get my nose fixed and in the interim, they fixed my sinuses…I remember it was really difficult to sing.”   

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