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Tye Tribbett’s new album The Bloody Win (Live) is motivational, not scary


ABC RadioGrammy award-winning gospel artist Tye Tribbett‘s knows that the fact that he’s releasing an album called The Bloody Win (Live) — on Friday the 13th, no less —  may seem a bit “scary.” 

Still, as he explains to ABC Radio, “I don’t know if I’m scared or if it’s a good omen. But it’s all kind of falling into place.”  

Tye assures fans that the album title doesn’t have any sort of murderous meaning behind it, either. 

“It’s basically… just because you take hits in life doesn’t mean you lost,” he tells ABC Radio. 

“Sometimes you gonna hold the belt up like Rocky [Balboa], with blood coming down your face, bruised and battered, but you’re still a winner.” 

He adds, “God told me sometimes that’s what winning looks like. And I don’t want people to be discouraged or get a wrong Hollywood idea [that] all winners [must] look all polished and nice…no! Winners take hits man!”

Tye also promises that the new disc which, like his previous projects, blends gospel with trap music, can be enjoyed by millennials, baby boomers and those in between. 

Tye says, “I’m 41 years old. You know what I mean? I’m like right in the middle.”

“I understand grandmom. My kids are 11 and 14, so I understand the next generation. I understand the millennials and I understand baby boomers.”

“The music that I make is music that I like,” he adds. “If I don’t like it, I don’t put it out.” 

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