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Tyra Banks says she’s coming out with a Modelland graphic novel



ABC/Ron TomAfter Tyra Banks announced she would be opening a modeling amusement park called Modelland, based on her 2010 young adult novel of the same name, she’s now ready to expand the brand into the world of comics.

According to People, Banks is gearing to release a Modelland graphic novel.

“I wrote a book, Modelland, many years ago and this graphic novel is based on that, but different,” Banks told People.

“We wanted to do a graphic novel because we feel like the audience is very visual, so we want to tell the story with visuals in a medium that they can connect with,” she explains.

“I’m not sure if my core family of fans and the future Modelland family of fans are comic book readers, so I said, ‘Let’s flip it on its head and use real people who will be used in the graphic novel, through a combination of photographs and drawings.’”

Banks also says she’s looking for a diverse cast to play the characters in her graphic comic book. She’s even announced casting plans on her Instagram page, calling it a “massive secret project.”

“It’s a graphic novel, Modelland’s graphic novel that will tell the story of Modelland through amazing characters, and one of them can be you,” she said. “And get this, this is not your average graphic novel. This is high-fashion- meets-comic illustration.”

The graphic novel will be available in conjunction with the opening of Modelland, which has yet to announce a launch date.

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