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Uh-oh, Uh-oh, Uh-oh: Is Michelle Williams’ fiancé a Trump supporter?


Michelle Williams on ABC’s “Good Morning America”The excitement surrounding Michelle Williams‘ recent engagement to Pastor Chad Johnson appears to have died down somewhat, due to some fans claiming that Johnson is a Trump supporter.

Political activist Tariq Nasheed called out the singer, who recently appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America to gush over her man.

“They had Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child on #GMA celebrating her engagement,” he tweeted

“And her fiancé Pastor Chad Johnson is a white Trump supporting, Blue Lives Matter advocate who supports police killings of Black youths. And he pastors Black youths. #smh.”

Nasheed then posted old screen shots that allegedly shows that Johnson follows Trump and other right wing political members.

“I wonder if Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child is going to become a Trump supporter like her white fiancé Pastor Chad?” 

Nasheed tweeted. “Asking for a friend.”

In addition to Nasheed, other fans have chimed in on their disapproval of Williams’ soon-to-be hubby.

“She thinks she won by marrying a white boy (from a trump supporting family) that has our black youth fixing & serving cops breakfast instead of questioning the brutality they inflict on our black youth.. Smh!!!” wrote one fan.

Another wrote, “Michelle has been cancelled,” with another adding, “That sunken dirty disgusting place is her destiny. Another disappointment!”

Williams has not responded to the report about her fiancé. 

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