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Wale hopes his single Sue Me will finally win him a Grammy Award


Ethan Miller/Getty Images for BETWale released his sixth studio album, Wow…That’s Crazy last October, blessing fans with a brilliant visual for one of the most powerful songs on the album, “Sue Me” featuring Kelly Price on vocals.

The Grammy-nominated rapper feels like this could be the single to finally win him a Grammy Award and all of his true fans know it.

“[I] never thought I’d be able to make anything so great that a whole, entire culture would be behind it,” he tells Forbes. “And to win that, or even be nominated with this, would blow me away.”

The “Sue Me” music video dropped on April 22 and shared Wale’s thought-provoking perspective on racism and privilege. It was filled with intentional double entendres and things you just had to see more than once, ending with a video clip if an Ohio inmate in FCI Elkton Federal prison fearful of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Two hours after the video’s release, medically vulnerable prisoners were transferred out of the facility, following a petition from the American Civil Liberties Union.

“I don’t know where I’m going after this. I have no idea,” he tells Forbes. “But I will say the people this song has reached and the people who have told me they’re impressed with this it’s definitely given me the confidence to do something special.”

He says he realized the video’s impact after receiving recognition from peers and his idol Jerry Seinfeld, who he said called it a “great track, great video.”

“For him to say it’s an amazing song, these are victories I gotta take,” he tells Forbes, before mentioning Rihanna was inspired by the video.

“Accolades are still cool but I’ll take Jerry and Rihanna celebrating with me,” he says.

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