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Tina Turner Reveals She Tried to Kill Herself To Escape Ike


Tina Turner Reveals She Tried to Kill Herself to Escape Ex-husband Ike’s Violence Tina Turner has a new memoir, My Love Story. It comes out on October 16th. The book highlights her successful music career and the very low points of her marriage to Ike Turner. In the book she writes that Ike Turner, wasn’t conventionally handsome, Actually, he wasn’t handsome at all. I couldn’t help thinking ‘God he’s ugly.’ She said that Ike was smart. Because he played guitar, he never struck her with his hand. He always used an object to strike her with. Ike and Tina got married in a quick ceremony in Tijuana and spent their wedding night at a whorehouse! She admits in the book that she contemplated suicide. She convinced her doctor to write her a prescription for sleeping pills. She took all 50 pills at once. When she woke up she was unhappy to still be alive but believed that she was meant to survive. Tina’s book in the era of #METOO Tina Turner is a beacon of strength and courage.  If you are being abused and need help call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233.

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