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Casinos Explore Cashless Payments Because Of COVID-19


Casinos Explore Cashless Payments Because Of Coronavirus COVID-19 might force casinos into modernizing into the cashless era. The casino industry is one of the last businesses that works mainly with paper money.  No states currently offer cashless payments on casino floors. That could change as Nevada gaming regulators have a meeting about the subject later this month. The American Gaming Association released a report saying 59 percent of people who visited a casino in the last year are less likely to use cash because of the pandemic.  Some fear electronic access to money could create a gateway for problem gamblers. The AGA said in its report that digital payments could be limited by preset amounts and time of gameplay. The bonus? Customer Loyalty numbers can be immediately tied to your spending and if you win, the funds can be directly deposited into your account.  This can invite trouble for individuals with gambling additcions.


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