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Gayle King Interviews SOHO Karen and Dismantles Her


Gayle King

Gayle King interviewed Miya Ponsetto, known as SOHO Karen.  She is the 22 year old woman who physically attacked a 14 year old Black teen in a hotel lobby when she incorrectly thought he had stolen her cell phone.  An Uber driver walked into the hotel during the altercation with her phone.  When Gayle pressed her about physically attacking the young boy she deflected that the father attacked her.  Gayle reiterated the father was defending his son after she attacked him.  Miya snapped at Gayle during the interview “enough!”  Miya’s attorney even tried to interject during the interview and Miya shot her down.   The interview continues on Monday. Clips are on social media.  What do you think of Miya Ponsetto?

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