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Woman Testifies Against R. Kelly and Describes Horrific Sexual Abuse, Forced and Demeaning Acts


R Kelly

Another woman accusing R. Kelly of sexual and physical abuse took the stand and described the horrific experiences she had during her five-year relationship with him.

Jane Doe number five, who is the second accuser to testify in his Brooklyn racketeering trial, said she met him after attending his concert in Orlando, Florida, in April 2015 after a member of his entourage approached her and gave her his number. Doe was excited about this because she was an aspiring singer and hoped that the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter could help her launch her career. Doe was 17-years-old when she met him but told him she was 18. During her testimony, she said from the start, Robert was focused on other things besides music. She claimed that during their first meeting, he pressured her to allow him to perform sexual acts on her.

“I was against it — I told him I did not come to please him,” she said.  “He continued to persist and told me I didn’t have to do anything, just to take off my clothes.”

After he performed the sexual act on her, to audition for him.

Doe said she continued to see Kelly at his homes in Atlanta, and Chicago, the summer before her senior year. At some point, she ended up telling him she was only 17, and that she had to return home for school. She alleged that he laughed in her face and slapped her after telling him this. She and Kelly then convinced her parents to allow her to be homeschooled while living with him in Chicago.

Doe number five said that while living with him and his other girlfriends, instead of working in music, she was abiding by strict rules, being  and being beaten every two to three days if she did not follow them

Doe also testified that as punishment, Kelly forced her to smear feces on her face and put it in her mouth while he recorded her. When he told her she had to redo the video because she wasn’t “into it enough,” she said no.  Now you know that is nasty.  Awful…

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