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Christian Taylor's toxicology report is in

The shooting of Christian Taylor by an Arlington police officer left us wondering if it was another case of a cop killing a young Black male. Some suggested it may have been a mental breakdown or even drugs. His toxicology screening says it was drugs. Read here for more.

Rachel Dolezal is pregnant

Good for her! I don’t hate the woman and wish her no ill will. She has two son, 13 and 21. She’s having another boy. For the record I have no idea the race of the father. But if I HAD to guess…..

Venus gets her college degree!

Congrats to Venus Williams. No honorary degree here. Venus got her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Indiana University. She did it online, starting in 2011. Read more here.

Tamia Is Coming To Perform For YOU!

That’s right! I’m so looking forward to hearing her amazing voice Saturday September 19, at The House Of Blues in Dallas! Free hook up tonight at 7:45p right before “The Quiet Storm.”