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Subway Spokesman's Home Raided For Child Porn

Oh My GAWWWD!! When it rains it pours! This story is about Jared The Subway Dude!! Looks like, according to source, Federal authorities raided the home of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle Tuesday morning. FBI sources told FOX59 state and federal investigators were serving warrants at Fogle’s Zionsville home in connection with a child pornography investigation…. Read more »

DHA Announces Wait List For Housing Vouchers

Do you or do you know someone that could use Section 8 housing in the DFW area? Good news, starting now through July 10th, The Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) has announced the opening of the wait list for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV Program) and will now begin to accept applications through 12:00pm July… Read more »

Man Offering $10K To Help Him Find A Girlfriend

Wait, WHAT? I may have to get in on this side hustle to make a quick ten grand from a guy who’s paying us to find him a girlfriend!! SHOOOOOT all my girlfriends (MOST) are single and we can hit that ole jackpot with the reward money from an Alabama man, who has been on… Read more »

Jill Scott Changes Tune About Bill Cosby

Ummm Hummmm I Told Ya So!! Back in December, MANY folks including Jill Scott, were on the Bill Cosby bandwagon… until now!! On Monday (July 6), reports came out that Cosby admitted under oath in 2005 that he gave women drugs with the intention of having sex with them. Now, Scott’s tweets have a new… Read more »

Floyd Mayweather Stripped Of Title

Floyd Mayweather still hasn’t relinquished his titles as he promised, but one sanctioning organization is taking matters into its own hands now. After Mayweather won the WBO title from Manny Pacquiao in the May 2 superfight, he failed to pay the $200,000 sanctioning fee and also was asked to vacate his titles at WBC/WBA titles… Read more »

SC Senate Votes To Remove Confederate Flag

It’s about dang on time! The South Carolina Senate voted Monday, to take down that ratchet symbol called the Confederate flag, from the grounds of the State House. The proposal, which Governor Nikki Haley brought to the table in a press conference after the Charleston Church shooting, was approved by a 37-3 vote in a… Read more »

Facebook is headed to Ft. Worth!

The groundbreaking for the new Facebook data center happens today! The new center will be located on Park Vista Blvd near Alliance Airport. Ft. Worth city officials began working on the deal to bring Facebook to Ft. Worth more than a year ago and found out last month that the city had been selected over… Read more »