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What’s Happening

Check Out MVP Cam Newton's Press Conference [VIDEO...

Carolina Panthers’ star Cam Newton talks about his haters, racism, the fans and how he feels about playing in sports biggest game. Let’s hope Cam has another great performance this evening. I can’t wait for the BIG GAME!!!    

2016 Big Game Commercials [WATCH]

Whether you are waiting to see Beyonce  & Bruno Mars perform with Cold Play at halftime or you decided to cheer for Panthers or the Broncos everybody is waiting to check out this years commercials. Warning Spoiler ALERT!!! Just in case you will be working or taking a bathroom break we have the 2016 Big… Read more »

Kenya Moore Says Kim Fields Should Leave RHOA

As much as I love Kim Fields the actress, I am not really feeling Kim Fields the housewife on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The women has class, and you have to be turned way up to be on this show.  And of course drama queen number 1 Kenya Moore is saying that Kim needs… Read more »

Who Needs The Oscars When We Have Image Awards [WA...

It seemed like more Black Hollywood stars attended the 47 th NAACP Image Awards than we have seen in previous years. After all of the Oscar controversy many stars showed up to show support of the celebration of Black Excellence. Michael B Jordan, Tahaji P. Henson and Straight Outta Compton were the big winners of… Read more »

Janet Jackson 30 Years In Control

It’s been 30 years since Michael Jackson’s little sister released her  “Control” album. That was the first week in February 1986 and immediately Janet Jackson with the help of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis quickly established herself as a multi-platinum selling singer.  It was a turning point for Janet’s career and for her to break away… Read more »

Girlfriends Guide To Watching The Big Game Today

Today is the day!  Time to watch the BIG Game.  Not every women is a die hard football fan and may just want to hang out with the folks who are.   Of course we will be so excited to see you at our BIG GAME BASH at the Studio Movie Grill on NW. Hwy.  Doors… Read more »

New Beyonce song! Formation!

A day before she’s performing at the Super Bowl with Coldplay, Beyonce drops a new song, “Formation.” You can stream it at Tidal.

8-Year-Old Tries To Rob Store With Mother's Gun

Girl, did you hear the story about the 8 year old, who tried to rob a store with his mama’s gun!! GURL, what is going on with these kids nowadays! According to the article, no charges will be pursued against an 8-year-old boy who tried to rob grocery store with handgun. The attempted robbery was… Read more »

Wife Crashes Her Own Funeral, Shocks Husband

This story is CRAY-CRAY! It’s about a wife who surprised her own husband at HER funeral!! That’s right girl, SURPRISED HER HUSBAND AT HER OWN FUNERAL because the THOUGHT he had her killed!! #JesusTakeTheWheel This fool had her “killed” but it obviously didn’t work out that way!! LOL See, what had happened was, according to… Read more »