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How Men Get Screwed In Divorce

Nothing can dishonor a knight like divorce. Just look at Sir Paul McCartney, a man whose iconic name has been flung in the mud over his recent marital collapse, with accusations of abuse sullying his reputation. He was fooled by the honeymoon phase and now he can really say, “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so… Read more »

Shocker! Bill Cosby Originally Wanted Clair Huxtab...

Bill Cosby’s Hollywood Reporter cover story is an exclusive excerpt from a new biography on the icon by writer Mark Whitaker. In it the author reveals many untold facts about the comedian’s life, including his original vision for The Cosby Show’s main characters. “Cosby thought it would be funny for the character to drive a… Read more »

Rihanna Takes Short Shorts To New Heights

Summer days are hot in New York City and Rihanna knows that keeping cool may require some very specific wardrobe choices. Rihanna stepped out in a pair of cutoff denim shorts with slits on the sides and a crop top while out in the Big Apple on Tuesday, Aug. 19. The 26-year-old wore the outfit… Read more »

Pastors Of LA Star Noel Jones Defends Not Marrying...

Via S2S Magazine reports: Bishop Noel Jones has received a lot of criticism for his relationship with his longtime girlfriend who he may or may not be intimate with, but he explained why he’s not rushing into marriage. “Paul wasn’t married. He was probably one of the greatest progenitors of the Word of God,” Noel… Read more »

Diddy Calls Out Pres Obama

As someone making these statements from the comfort of what seemed to be his studio and not in Ferguson, I think it’s clear that Diddy went about expressing his concerns wrong. The mogul’s followers weren’t impressed: “Everybody expecting for Obama to handle everything that man got so much on his plate right now sometimes it… Read more »

CNN Anchor Asked Why Police Aren't Using Water Can...

No she didn’t ask that question, clearly this reporter had know clue about African American History in this country. Rosemary Church, please do your research before you start to blab at the mouth with statements that would make the African American Community feel disrespected even if it wasn’t your intent. In a segment on the… Read more »

New Music Wednesday - Silk - "Luv 4 U 2 Like Me"

New Music Wednesday is back! This week, Ashley Silk’s “Luv 4 U 2 Like Me” is the featured record. A link to the song and an interview with Antoine Davis are below. After checking out the new single, vote in our BedLoo poll. If you’d like us to play this record more, click the green… Read more »