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Kenya Moore Fined Over Video Crew at Housewarming

Kenya Moore bought a home not long ago. Recently she had a housewarming that was a little too much for neighbors. The called police and Kenya was fined $1000 for filming without a permit. Sheree Whitfield had a similar party and got in trouble too. Guests reportedly were parking on neighbors lawns. It sounds petty… Read more »

Kanye West's Problem Now - Taking His Meds

Kanye’s been on meds for a while. We didn’t know and we shouldn’t know. That’s his business. But reportedly Kanye either didn’t take them or changed the dosage on his own. Been there. Done that. THAT never works. I hope he realizes he needs to take his meds and be the better Kanye.  Read here.

17 R&B Songs You Didn't Know Were Sampled

I love to learn about this. I knew about Ashanti, Rihanna, Usher and a few others. I didn’t know about Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige and some others. See what you knew or didn’t know here.

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Living Apart

Looks like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are living apart!  After being released from the hospital, it has been reported that Kanye is in a rental house away from Kim and their two children! Also, according to sources, they say that Kanye’s hospital stay was caused by the wrong dosage of his medications that he’s apparently… Read more »

Wife Thinks Coyote Is Dog, Husband Freaks Out On T...

This lady is all kinds of stupid!! LOL~ she thinks the stray is a dog but it turns out it was a coyote!  What’s even funnier is the way her husband responds to the picture on the text message!!  He COMPLETELY loses it and she still thinks it’s a dog!! LOL You have GOT to… Read more »

Nine Dead, Dozens Missing After Deadly Club Fire

OMG have you heard that at least nine people were killed in a fire inside a warehouse club in Oakland? What’s more, at least 25 others are missing after a massive fire on Saturday morning! Fire officials say there weren’t sprinklers and it doesn’t even appear that the smoke detectors were even activated!! Take a look… Read more »

Apollo Filed For Divorce From Phaedra

What??!!  I thought Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta were already divorced.  Well Phaedra may have lied, which is not surprising to me, because she always seemed a little shady.    Saying she didn’t know about Apollo’s involvement in his schemes of milking people out of their money.  Anyway, sources… Read more »

Cuba Gooding Drunk At Award Event

Uh Oh…I’m starting to worry about Cuba Gooding.  This is not the first time he has shown his behind, being drunk at a high profile event.  I know we all may have a taste or two and some people hold the liquor better than others, but you have to be responsible.  He went on stage cursing, and… Read more »

Maxwell - The Tony Scott Interview

Maxwell called into the Smooth Ride Home. Maxwell, Mary J. Blige and Ro James are at the AAC tonight! We talked about MJB, Ro James, spirituality, and more!

Vivica Hotter Than Fish and Chicken Grease at 50 C...

Vivica is super mad at 50 Cent. I’ll #spillthetea. Katt WIlliams will NOT go to jail. Kirk Franklin claps back and Kelly Price LOOKS great. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio! Listen to the audio only version here!