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Eddie Jackson's Memorial Day BBQ Recipes

Former NFL player and Food Network star, Chef Eddie Jackson heats up some mouth-watering Chipotle Honey Shrimp and served it up with a whole lot of eye-candy. His recipes is easy and it looks delish! Checkout his recipethat he shared with Wendy Williams.

Happy Birthday Lauryn Hill! [VIDEO]

Lauryn Hill is celebrating her birthday today. The singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer and actress. From the high school cheer leading squad to The Fugees and her award-winning solo project The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, the singer’s career has had it’s ups-n-downs but her popularity remains stronger than ever. In fact even though she disappeared… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ "Your Voice"

  TO hear your sweet voice in the early dawn, Gives to my heart a feeling thats warm, And starts my day with my thoughts in a swarm. To wake to the ring of the phone, And know that I will not be alone, For together we have joined our souls, So we may help… Read more »

What's The ONE Thing You Don't Like About Yourself...

So maybe it’s your weigh.  Maybe it’s the way you interact with people, because you can have a bad attitude at times.  Well maybe it’s the way you can NEVER say no to someone although there are times you probably should.  So what’s the ONE thing you don’t like about yourself that you would possibly… Read more »

Whitney Houston Fans Furious With Kanye West

Whitney Houston fans furious with Kanye West.  Kanye West needs to go somewhere and sit down!!!  You probably heard he purchased a picture of Whitney Houston’s drug infested room for $85,000 to use as a album cover tp promote Pusha T’s brand new album.  Yes fans are pissed.  People have tweeted to Kanye asking how… Read more »

Rachel Dolezel Charged With Welfare Fraud

Rachel Dolezel charged with welfare fraud.  We haven’t heard from the former NAACP President who passed herself off as African American before her white parents ousted her but now she is back in the news now being charged with theft and fraud. Court documents say she illegally received $8,747 in food assistance and $100 in… Read more »

Serena Williams Gets Her Own Nike Sneaker

Serena Williams gets her own Nike Sneaker.  You would think she already had her own sneaker with all of the contributions she had made to the sport of tennis.  Well she does now and it is with Nike.  Her sneaker called the Nike Blazer was released yesterday and will retail for $120.00.  Serena has also… Read more »