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Memorial Salute To Our Military Heroes

American of African descent have participated in all of the wars of the United States. Thousands of slaves fought for the freedom of American even when they were not free. The timeline spans from The Revolutionary War to present day operations. We salute all of our military heroes for their bravery and sacrifice this Memorial… Read more »

Easy Grilling Tips and Recipes [WATCH]

It’s the official start of the summer grilling season and that calls for  a few grilling tips from the Food Networks’ Sunny Anderson. If you want to try a new dish check out the easy food prep suggestion and a few recipes from one of her visits with Wendy Williams. Also check out Sunny’s grille… Read more »

Jackson Sisters Share Birthdays Today [VIDEO]

The eldest member and the fifth born child sister of the famous Jackson family are celebrating their birthday’s today. It must be fun to have a sibling born on the same day. Maureen Reillette “Rebbie” Brown and La Toya Yvonne Jackson were born in Gary Indiana to Joseph and Kathryn Jackson on this day six years… Read more »

When Do You Introduce Your New Boo To The Family?

Have you ever had this dilemma? When should you introduce your new boyfriend or girlfriend to your family? Is the Memorial Day bbq a good time to do it? This is our discussion tonight inside of The Quiet Storm…

Solange Gets Dragged Because Her Son Speaks French

Solange’s son, Julez, graduated 5th grade and gave a speech in French. Proud mom Solange posted a part of it. A woman took it upon herself to go in on Solange for Julez not learning an African language. Solange’s response was great. He’s in the 5th GRADE! He’s got time to learn as many languages… Read more »

Keke Palmer is joining "The Real?"

Can they let Tamar’s seat could down? Word is Keke Palmer is going to fill Tamar Braxton’s spot on “The Real.” What’s the hurry? You know no matter who gets that gig, they’re going to be compared to Tamar. “She’s more ghetto than Tamar.” “She’s not as irritating as Tamar.” “They made a mistake.” HUSH!… Read more »

IRS Wants $11 Million from Whitney

The IRS told Whitney Houston’s estate that they underpaid their taxes and would like to clear this up. The estate is calling BS on this. The $11 million includes $3 million in penalties. I cannot imagine owning anyone that kind of money. But then again if I did owe that much that has to mean… Read more »