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Lamar Odom Working On Tell All Book?

Uncategorized by Lynne Haze

Lamar Odom working on a tell all book?   That’s the word on the street.  I guess he is ready to get back into the public lime light, after his very honest interview on the Wendy Williams show and him writing a book that promises to be forthright, heartfelt and honest will certainly put Lamar back in the… Read more »

Girls Trip Nets Superb $30 Million Weekend

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Girls trip nets superb $30 million weekend.   Well Alright!  I didn’t get a chance to see it this weekend, due to my work schedule, but come tomorrow, me and my girl Belinda will be getting together to see it.  Everyone I talked to loves “Girl Trip”!  Even my critical friends told me I must see… Read more »

Common Donates $10,000 For School Supplies

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Common donates $10,000 for school supplies.  Whew, that’s some well needed good news about a male entertainer doing some good, unlike what we have been hearing about over the last week from a couple of our R & B superstars (Usher and R Kelly).  Common who always seems to have his head on right, has put his… Read more »

Wonder Woman 2 Is Officially Happening

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Wonder woman 2 is officially happening.  Yep according to the movie starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, will get a second installment, and that is the official word from Warner Brothers.  It’s no surprise now that the movie has made $767 million worldwide making it the top grossing live action film directed by a woman… Read more »

Usher Faces A New Herpes Lawsuit

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Usher faces a new herpes lawsuit.  Earlier this week the news broke that Usher has herpes. revealed that Usher paid a woman 1.1 million dollars who he had sex with and admitted he passed on the virus to her.  Now another woman has come forward and saying that she too had sex with Usher… Read more »

Stevie Wonder Is Married!

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Stevie Wonder is married!  Yup he married his long time love Tomeeka Robyn Bracy at a lavish ceremony at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles, according to Essence Magazine and People Magazine. John Legend was among the celebrity guest and Babyface sand Whip Appeal.  His seven children were also present for the celebration.  Congratulations Stevie,… Read more »

Jada Pinkett Smith Was a Drug Dealer?

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Jada Pinkett Smith was a drug dealer?  Yes from her own mouth she says when she first met Tupac Shakur, she was coming out of the life (Drug Life) and he was just going in.  She says even though she knows people want to romanticize her and Tupac’s relationship, it just wasn’t that way.   She… Read more »

OJ Simpson Granted Parole

Sports by Lynne Haze

OJ Simpson granted parole.  Yep the juice is getting loose!  After serving nine years for armed robbery of his own paraphernalia OJ Simpson has been granted parole.  He will be released in October.  Yep the juice is loose.   I’m not sure everyone will be happy with this decision though. Read More Here

Dallas Hires First Female Police Chief

Law Enforcement by Lynne Haze

Dallas Hires First female Police Chief.  History has just been made right here in Dallas Texas!  Detroit Deputy Chief Ulysha Renee Hall will become the first female police chief for the Dallas Police Department!  She is also African American and will be filling the vacant spot left by former police chief David Brown.  She is scheduled… Read more »

Quincy Jones Accuses Sony Music Of Elder Abuse

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Quincy Jones Accuses Sony Music Of Elder Abuse.  Now this is definitely a new one for me.  Quincy Jones is now 84 years old having produced so many hits for so many artist most notably Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album.  He is also including MJJ Productions in the lawsuit.  The suit is saying that gave him… Read more »