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Look: Tamar and Vince Talk Marriage

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Look: Tamar and Vince talk marriage. ‘This was a really good show when Tamar was a guest host. Vince was in the audience and they even brought him up on the panel. When they asked him about their marriage he made it very clear that he wanted his family back. When Tamar was asked, well… Read more »

Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique Clash On The View

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique Clash on The View.  Yep I saw the show yesterday when Mo’Nique who is beefing with Netflix, starting also complaining about her past issue with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah saying she was punished by them when they worked together on Precious, the movie that won Mo’Nique a Academy Award. … Read more »

NBA Launch Confidential Hotline For Employees

Sports by Lynne Haze

NBA launch confidential hotline for employees.  This as a result of the allegations against The Dallas Mavericks for misogyny and predatory sexual behavior.  This is a mess.  The Mavs organizations is also investigating allegations made saying the work environment was hostile.  One person even commented that the locker room was safer the office. Read here

Black Panther Director Writes Letter To Fans

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Black Panther Director writes letter to fans.   I’m hearing that Ryan Coogler the 31 year old director of the blockbuster hit movie Black Panther is a very humble man.  He has some very credible movies under his belt having directed Creed and Fruitvale Station and now Black Panther, and now he has written a… Read more »

Trey Songz Accused of Hitting a Girl at a Party

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Trey Songz accused of hitting a girl at a party.  According to the alleged incident took place at a party during All Star Weekend.  She claims he hit her because she was talking to another man.  “Really’??  Why would he hit her for talking to another man??  Detail are still sketchy and no one… Read more »

Tavis Smiley Sues PBS For Racial Reasons

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Tavis Smiley sues PBS for racial reasons.  Tavis Smiley is sueing PBS claiming he was fired for racial reasons not sexual harassment.  Uh Oh Tavis who worked for PBS for 14 years was fired in December for sexual harassment allegations who Tavis said was consensual with co workers over the years.  PBS says his lawsuit… Read more »

Oprah Donates $500,000 To Florida Students March

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Oprah donates $500,000 to Florida Students March.  George Clooney and his wife Amal  were the first to donate $500,000  to “March for Our Lives” and Oprah has matched their donation.  After Florida lawmakers voted not to hear a bid to ban assault weapons, as a result of the Florida school shootings,  students and teachers are… Read more »

Tiffany Haddish Next Project Is With Tracy Morgan

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Tiffany Haddish next project is with Tracy Morgan.  Since Girl’s Trip Tiffany Haddish’s career has been on fire.  She’s done Saturday Night Live, Announced the nominees for the upcoming Academy Awards, written a book, and now she will star on the small screen with fellow comedian Tracy Morgan.  Coming to TBS The Last OG centers… Read more »

Jay Z Pays $91,000 Bar Tab

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Jay Z Pays $91,000 Bar Tab.  Must be nice.  I’m always intrigued how the rich and famous spend their money and this is  one way it is done.  The bar tab actually came to around $80,000 but there was an $11,000 tip.  I would love to receive a tip like that.  Click below to see… Read more »