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Harvey Weinstein Booted From The Academy

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Harvey Weinstein booted from the Academy.  Yes the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences Board of Govenors held a emergency meeting and came to the conclusion that Harvey Weinstein must go.  From the reports that keep coming out each day since the sex allegations came out, this man is described as a horrible person, who… Read more »

Nelly Rape Accuser Wants to Drop Charges

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Nelly Rape Accuser Wants To Drop Charges.   Yes according to Page 6 the woman who is accusing Nelly of rape on a Seattle tour bus last week says she does not want to pursue the rape charges against him.  Why?  Her attorney says it’s because the woman believes the system will fail her.  Is… Read more »

Amazon Hiring For The Holiday’s

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Amazon hiring for the holiday’s.  If you are looking for some extra money, Amazon is hiring for the holidays.  They want to fill 120,000 jobs and yes Texas is among the States that will be hiring.  Also, Target, and Macy’s are hiring to.  Go directly to their websites to apply, and make that money!! Find… Read more »

Ne Ne Leakes Dropped From Xscape Tour

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Ne Ne Leakes dropped from Xscape tour.  Yep Ne Ne is out of a job after making negative remarks to a heckler.  She told the heckler she hoped they get raped by the Uber driver.  Xscape wasn’t having it and immediately released a statement saying they decided not to proceed with Ne Ne  hosting the… Read more »

Man Rescues Girl, 11 From Kidnapping Attempt

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Man rescues girl, 11 from kidnapping attempt.  Yes that’s what happened in Ohio.  Nazier Elahee. 37 noticed a man walking down the street with a little girl holding her wrist.  He saw the little girl mouth the words help me and that’s exactly what he did.  This is the kind of ending we all want… Read more »

Nelly Denies Rape Allegations

Entertainment by Lynne Haze

Nelly denies rape allegations saying y’all know I didn’t do no dumb s*** like this.  Nelly took to social media to deny the rape allegations against him saying he is the target and he will fight to the finish.  Little details are known at this time, and my thought is when you are on a… Read more »