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Alicia Keys’ first Voice winner on his debut album’s sound, and the advice she gave him


Tyler Golden/NBCWhen The Voice season 14 kicks off this Monday, February 26, returning coach Alicia Keys is determined to snag her second win.  But what’s up with the guy who was her first win?  Chris Blue, season 12 champion from Team Alicia, has yet to release an album, but he says that’s because he’s just following Alicia’s advice.

“One of the things that she stresses to me is, you wanna take your time,” he tells ABC Radio. “Y’know, put everything into it, put your heart into it, make sure you feel it, because if you don’t feel it, no one else will.”

“But most importantly, it’s like a child, you know,” he adds. “A baby comes out of a woman’s womb when it’s ready, so don’t force it. So that’s what we’re doing. We’re taking our time with it.”

That being said, Chris does have a vision for his debut album: He says it’ll be a mixture of all the music that’s influenced him in his life.

“I grew up in church, so I have a lot of like the old school in me,” he explains. “I really like the Marvin Gayes, the Michael Jacksons, the Princes of the world. But I also enjoy the Justin Timberlakes, the Nick Jonases, you know what I mean? So it’s just gonna be a collaboration of everybody at once.”

“I’m excited about the music because it’s nothing I’ve ever heard before,” he adds. “And I pray that the world will receive it just like I have.”

Chris says he’s open to working with other artists, too.  He’d love to have Alicia on his album, of course, but his dream list also includes Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

“I’m excited about everybody,” he says. “I’m open to collab with anybody who’s ready to get to work.”

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