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Alicia Keys Promises a Raw and Vulnerable Side on New Album


RCA/Paola KudackiAlicia Keys is bringing the ideals of the #NoMakeUp movement into her music, promising to show her “raw” and “vulunerable” side on her new album.

The “In Common” singer tells BBC 1Xtra‘s Yasmin Evans, the importance of making yourself a priority. “You are allowed to say no,” she says. “As women, we get into this wild habit where we feel we have to please everybody and make sure everyone feels so good.”

“But we never look at ourselves and ask if we’re OK,” she adds.

Keys embraced the #NoMakeUp movement with essay on Lenny on Tuesday that addressed the struggles and pressures women go through to look a certain way. In the piece, Alicia Keys vowed to stop covering up.

The “uncovered” side of Alicia will also be reflected on her upcoming album. The singer tells BBC 1Xtra that although it’s difficult to reveal herself, fans will see a more exposed and vulnerable side to her personality.

“It’s hard to be raw,” she tells Evans. “It’s hard to be completely vulnerable, I feel we are taught to be completely otherwise in society.”

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