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Andra Day Talks Grammy Nods, Kendrick Lamar, Staying Humble & Where She’d Put Her Trophy


Photo credit: Myriam Santos 

Andra Day is nominated for two Grammy awards, including Best R&B Performance for “Rise Up.” As she prepares for Monday’s ceremony, the singer tells ABC Radio what that actually means to her, knowing she will be referred to as a Grammy-nominated artist.

“There have been a few moments where I tell myself, ‘Sit back and just enjoy and absorb this,’ and just be thankful and be so grateful for what’s happened and for everything that’s happening and all the incredible opportunities, gratitude is like the theme of my life right now,” Day says. “I think that’s really how I sort of processed everything, but not dwelling on it too much, you know, being super grateful, knowing that this is extremely special and moving forward.”

The humbled singer adds that it’s very special being recognized amongst her peers. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say that it feels good to know that your peers and such musically gifted people look at your project and say, ‘This is something we like, we put our stamp on this, we vouch for this,'” she explains. “So I mean, as a person and as an artist, it doesn’t define who I am — and I think most artists, we don’t necessarily do it for the accolade — but it does mean something, it absolutely does and it’s exciting. “

The singer is equally excited about Kendrick Lamar leading all nominees.  “I’m so happy, that album is just seminal, he’s an incredible artist, everything he does is amazing but to see him get recognized in this way, as an artist it’s encouraging,” she says of the rapper’s 11 nods.  “It’s inspiring to say, listen he created the album that he wanted to create, you know, a jazz, hip-hop album it’s so eclectic and so different and to see something like that be cross demographic and cross genre, and he has a lot to say and so I’m extremely happy for him and I’m a fan of his work.”

Andra is set to make her Grammy performance debut alongside pop singer Ellie Goulding, but she’s remaining calm.

“It might change that day, but I’m not nervous, I’m just focused on the performance. I’m really excited to be working with her, I’ve never seen her live, but I went and watched some videos and she’s got such an incredible energy on stage and I said, “Okay, this is going to work out, you know, really well,” Andra says.

The singer also reveals where she would put the coveted trophy, you know, in case she wins.

“If I did win, I would probably give it to my mom or dad, I mean and winning a Grammy would, you know, it would just be surreal, yet another thing to sort of affirm that, ‘Hey’ we’re on the right path.’ We’re doing the right thing, we’re doing what’s true to us, what’s true to me as an artist and just keep going, you know.”

The ceremony airs February 15 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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