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Artist explains Drake’s father was rushing him through tattoo of the rapper


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The artist behind Dennis Graham‘s Drake tattoo is speaking out after the rapper poked fun at his artwork. In a conversation with TMZMoney Mike explained that the imperfect portrait was the result of being rushed throughout the process.

According to Mike, Bishop Don Juan invited him to Dennis’ birthday party, so he attended because it “sounded like a fun time.” Despite not knowing Drake’s father — or being a fan of the rapper — he purchased a few bottles for him and the two eventually started talking about tattoos. 

Mike gave his contact information to Dennis, who requested a portrait of Drake three days later. But as the artist explained, the tattooing process went far from smoothly because Dennis couldn’t handle the pain.

“In my defense, one of the reasons the tattoo isn’t the absolute greatest I’ve ever been able to do is because he was rushing me,” Mike said. “So four hours into the tattoo he was in severe pain, and he was telling me basically just to wrap it up.”

Mike claimed there were no complaints about the finished product … until Drake saw the tattoo. The rapper then allegedly got other people to retouch the ink, which he considers a violation of “an unwritten law” among tattoo artists.

As previously reported, Drake joked about the tat when he posted it alongside the caption, “I was sitting here thinking why you do me like this we family.” Mike said he received an apology from Dennis after the post and claimed Drake was drunk when he shared it on social media.

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