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August Alsina on Losing His Eyesight: We All Battling Different Things


Image Courtesy Def Jam

August Alsina is seeing his dreams come true with his music career, but he’s also slowly witnessing the process of becoming blind.

During an interview with Billboard, the singer gets candid about the decline in his sight due to a degenerative eye disease, which he initially refused to believe after learning the diagnosis in May. 

“I was like, ‘This n**** tripping.’ I went to see a few other doctors, but that was it — I had to accept it,” says August, who can barely recognize the details of a person’s appearance standing farther than 15 feet away. “It was a very humbling experience. You take that for granted, waking up and being able to see.”

August adds that his sight is still deteriorating despite having a surgery in an attempt to correct his vision. “I went back to the doctor recently and it got worse,” he says. “I’ma keep squinting until God takes my vision completely.”

You can expect the singer to address his issues in his upcoming album, This Thing Called Life. ­ “It sounds like a sob story, but it should actually be inspirational,” he says of his life. “We all battling different things. Me? I’m just able to channel that through my music.”

This Thing Called Life will be available December 11.

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