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Four Officers Fired Over Death Of George Floyd

The video is shocking and barbaric. Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while groaning “I can’t breathe” as an officer kept a knee on his neck. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced Tuesday that four officers had been fired, but did not name… Read more »

Woman Apologizes For Calling Police On Black Bird Watcher

In Central Park Amy Cooper, the woman who spawned a viral outrage by calling the police on a black bird watcher in Central Park is apologizing for her ‘Karen’ moment. After the man asked ‘Central Park Karen’ to keep her dog on its leash, she threatened to tell police “an African American man is threatening my life”,… Read more »


2 Chainz reopened his restaurant Escobar Restaurant & Tapas getting his employees back to make money during this pandemic. Though during his reopen the cops have already shut down his restaurant again, due to violating the COVID-19 guidelines. According to the Georgia State police report, the officers apparently drove by and noticed the load, and… Read more »